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rmp3 is a receiver for the rmp3 broadcast protocol.
This protocol uses teletext data transmitted in the VBI (vertical blanking interval) of TV
transmissions to broadcast mp3-files (e.g. RadioMP3 and MegaRadio).

17.01.2003   [ rmp3 needs more feedback ]   by Marco

I just wanted to mention, that the last pre-1 release is just an unstable beta.
I even don't know if it compiles correctly (I can't test it at the moment).
I need feedback. Please just drop me a small eMail with your experiences.
Thank you.

12.08.2002   [ rmp3 version 0.5.1 released ]   by Marco

rmp3 0.5.1 has been released.
It is just a small bugfix-version (fixed the configure-bug).

09.08.2002   [ rmp3 : TODO ]   by Marco

rmp3 0.5.0 has been released. But what now ?
The Code is still beta, and even if you are no C-programmer (if you are, please read the TODO shipped with the current tarball), you can help. How ?

Please read our TODO-List:

  • docs: man-pages, faq, developer notes, howto,...
  • betatest: test the current code and mail bugs
  • save-scripts: write advanced perl script for saving the data
  • public-relations: tell others about us
  • GUI: write a GUI
  • almost everything else that comes to your mind

  • Interested in doing some work? Mail marco for further coordination.
    Thank you.

    08.08.2002   [ rmp3 version 0.5.0 released ]   by Marco

    This is the initial release of rmp3.
    rmp3 is a complete (and modified) rewrite of nbc-vbi by |Ron| (thanks a lot!).
    Visit the "download" section to get the latest package.

    Please keep in mind, that this software is early beta.
    Please report bugfixes to the maintainers.